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What are your deepest questions? How would shifting yourself from content to context become a game changer? What would listening and acting on your calling feel like? 
How are you creating space in your relationships? How would holding space for your compelling vision pull you forward? Are you finding time for yourself? Do you have time or does time have you? What needs to happen for the greater good to live through you? How would your next step soothe your soul and ignite your spirit?

Quality Print Book
180x180mm: R220

You are invited to join my UnEarth Your Essence session intensives for an experience held in the safe space of Spirit as we take a view of who you are, how you are and where you are going to a whole new level. 

During our sessions you can look forward to covering:












Beautiful Quality Print Book 180x180mm: R220 PER COPY

“I have experienced Adam to be intuitive, insightful and a deep connected soul who gives a lot which makes him an excellent coach. His deep sense of self and his continued journey of self and self- actualisation enables him to be open, honest and real with people he interacts with.”  — Linda (Group HR Manager)

Some inspirational personally crafted screensavers as a small thank you for all of your support. May you show up as one who brings abundance and blessings to the world.

Smile and expect great things.


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