“Thank you wholeheartedly, Adam. I recommend life coaching to anyone who feels lost and alone, stuck and confused."

Anyone searching for emancipation or a deeper meaning and purpose to life.”


Life Coaching with Adam has most certainly changed my life. I wasn't feeling very happy with my situation in life until we met. After a few sessions of working together I found that my confidence increased and I was able to prepare for a way of life going forward. He has an astounding ability to read people and connect with them in a professional manner. His energy is brilliant and glows from within! Adam also provided me with some value tools in my business challenges. I really can't thank him enough as I travel along my path." 

- Jason (Entrepreneur)

I have experienced Adam to be intuitive, insightful and a deep connected soul who gives a lot which makes him an excellent coach. His deep sense of self and his continued journey of self and self- actualisation enables him to be open, honest and real with people he interacts with." 

- Linda (Group HR Manager)

Adam inhabits that rare space of gentleness and tough honesty, which for me, meant I could never wriggle out of uncomfortable insights. In the kindest, most human of ways, he has helped me to see through a large number of my stories. What’s more I felt that Adam was truly interested in my progress and celebrated each of my gains. I have zero hesitation in recommending Adam as a coach."   

- Lisa (Freelance Journalist)

Wonderful. Truly magical expression of inner work that revealed itself quite organically."

- Teya (Magazine Editor)

I loved the spontaneity of the session. We had freedom to talk and express ideas which all led to a very pleasurable outcome." 

- Pierre (Workshop Attendee)

I went to see Adam Botha during my grade 11 year to try and help focus my schoolwork and priorities in life. During our sessions he helped me to understand my emotions and focus my energy into more positive and driven feelings. I also found the environment very safe and welcoming, with a freedom to speak my mind, as well as support with anything I needed."

- Joseph (Student)

I've faced many difficult life decisions and generally muddled through them OK, but working with Adam has shown me a better way to address those big turning points in life. The questions that I set up in our first session are being checked off one by one and what's different this time is that I feel confident that I have made the right decisions. It's also an easy process, devoid of the usual high levels of stress.

You have to kind of trust the process; it does work. Adam has a quiet and reassuring manner that makes you feel like everything is going to be OK. He contributes practical tools and useful perspectives and insights in each session, which have really helped me. I started this coaching process at a time when funds were tight, and on more than one occasion thought I might have to stop prematurely to save money, but I have found myself sticking with it because the results are really worth the cost." 

- Judy (University Professor)

Over the past 15 years, I have tried many forms of therapy, but it primarily entailed talking about past issues without an understanding of the bigger picture or learning the skills necessary to independently and confidently cope with the various challenges life poses. I’ve read many self-help books but when my life reached rock bottom, last year, I knew that I needed something different. I was introduced to Adam, a life coach, by a friend.  Over the various sessions, Adam provided me with the tools, which can be applied throughout one’s life and under various circumstances, to navigate through challenging circumstances. With Adam’s support and guidance, I worked through various aspects of myself and in the process, I was able to identify ancestral and subconscious patterns operating on my life and thereby acknowledge and release myself from these, which I didn’t know existed prior to the coaching. The journey back in time albeit uncomfortable, helped me to reframe my childhood and heal my wounds, to make myself whole again in order to let go of the past and move forward.

In the midst of all the pain, I started to meditate and within my own heart, I discovered a source of pure and true, infinite unconditional love. Adam helped me to realise that I am a child of God and that God loves me unconditionally. I was actually angry for only learning this at the age of 39! That little bit of knowledge, changed my life for good! Now, I strive to always be aware of this connection to our common source everywhere and all around at all times, with the way of love and joy as a moral compass. I am learning to be kind, gentle and patient with myself, a new concept for me. I feel emancipated from a harsh and critical way of life that has been replaced with understanding, peace, compassion and forgiveness. I am free to choose my destiny and create the life that I desire. The life coaching catalysed a totally life altering transformational process within me, that has brought me to a place of peace and contentment, from where I feel I am equipped to go forward and embrace and fulfil a higher purpose. 

Thank you wholeheartedly, Adam. I recommend life coaching to anyone who feels lost and alone, stuck and confused and anyone searching for emancipation or a deeper meaning and purpose to life." 

- Deshika (CEO)

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