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What is Truth?

As the apostle Paul wrote his letter to Titus, his intention was to encourage leaders to remain godly in their being and behaviour, so that they would be able to endure ongoing opposition from ungodly influence.

On one of our local flights not too long ago, a little girl and her mom were sitting behind my wife and I on the plane. Just before take-off, the little girl’s question got our attention as she asked her mother, “Mom, are we going above the clouds?” To which the mom replied, “Yes love, we are.” The little girl responded with delight and glee, “Yay, I’ve always wanted to meet Jesus.” Her mother’s response was swift, “Well, we’re not going *that* high.” To which the little girl let out a long, “Ahhhh…”

When last were you truly encouraged by your divine destination, only to be discouraged by someone you love (even though their intentions were good)?

You see when we’re truly encouraged and enthused by God’s Grace and Promise in Christ (and have knowledge of what godly behaviour is), we remain in His Truth. We want to behave in a godly way to remain in His Grace and Truth. Not merely out of obligation, but more so out of a deep gratitude and loving display for everything He has done for us.

Knowledge of the truth leads us to godliness.

So you might still be asking that question: What is truth?

As leaders in our families, communities and at work we are to remain “blameless, faithful – not open to the charge of being wild and disobedient.

We are to avoid “being overbearing, quick-tempered, drunk, violent, pursuing dishonest gain.” Instead we are called by God to be “hospitable, to love what is good, be self-controlled, upright, holy and disciplined.

So next time you are discouraged by someone you love (even though their intentions might be good), will you give in to their version of the truth? Or will you remain in the deep hope that God has promised you, in Christ?

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