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Tied to Spirit.

It is most often than not, within the most hopeless of circumstances, that we cling to hope. This, I believe, is a testament to the strength of Spirit in the human soul.

Too many times, perhaps, have these words echoed through your soul: “How will I possibly make it through all of this? Where will I find the strength to repeatedly face this turmoil, this uncertainty, this chaotic world that so often eludes me?”

During the toughest of times, I have returned to centre again and again through prayer, and through giving up to something greater than myself, found the strength within to deeply hope again. I believe that it was in these moments of just trying to get through, that He was on the other side trying to get through to me. In spite of me failing to hear Him too many times for me to remember, I believe that He has never given up on me and that He never will.

We were never a religious family, however I believe that my spirit intuitively knew from a young age that I just wasn’t strong enough to make it through alone … And that none of us really are.

I was damned if I was going to let go of God and leave it up to this world to determine my fate. Through all the pretending and defending I have never let go of His Spirit. Thank God for that. As you silent your mind, open your hands and close your eyes, what do you hear Him saying to you now?

In clarity, care, calm and courage.

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