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Thoughtful Thursdays: 3 Steps to staying motivated through the ups and downs

We all know how it feels to be pushed or how we are received when we try to be pushy with others. But what if rather than getting pushed externally, we could create something that we felt excited to move towards? Something that we would feel inspired to pull ourselves toward internally?

Activating a pull vs. push strategy involves 3 primary steps:

Step 01: Compelling Vision

We must get clear on what our personal compelling vision is, and how we can map that personal compelling vision with our organisations compelling vision: is it a vision that we are all on the same page with and are excited about?

Step 02: Detailed Commitment

But how do we begin making this a reality? By getting clear on what our what is, by when: through a detailed commitment or series of commitments that are part of our calendar timeline. To the degree that we detail our commitments determines the likelihood of us achieving those commitments, so don’t vague out!

Step 03: Respectful Curiosity

Remain respectfully open and curios (without imposing on the other) about what drives human beings: What matters most to them? What drives their behaviour? What are their deepest wishes for themselves, others and the world?

Wishing you Clarity, Care and Courage on this Thoughtful Thursday.

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