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The Ultimate Coach.

Once we put a label on something or someone – it’s over – there is no more mystery – no more enigma… Nothing left to discover.

So why do we live with so many labels and titles? Some will argue that it is so we can understand the things and people that surround us, so that we have a reference point to know where we stand with others in the world and on one level this is true. Yet a deeper truth that emerges is that we deeply fear the unknown. The danger with labels and titles is that we leave no space for ourselves or others to be deeply explored, discovered or touched.

I believe that the coaches doing the greatest work right now are those who don’t cling to the labels or titles designed to define their own role or their client’s role - they allow the labels of “coach” and “coachee” to disappear.

This merging between “self” and “other” will, as time moves on, become the norm for humanity. Yet right now, there is an asking within each soul for the deepest listening, the deepest empathy. The deepest Presence.

As a human being playing the role of coach, what happens when I park my ego outside of the circle of the session to allow for the presence of Spirit to enter and permeate the space between us? A space held pregnant with the greatest possibility. Within this context we can allow ourselves the possibility of knowing the Presence of God. And so it is, that we transcend the coach / coachee dynamic by entering the story of the soul, lead by the Spirit.

If you are I and I am I, then who is the I that is aware of us experiencing this moment?

Through the acknowledgement and contemplation of this question, we enter into the mystery that is the human being, and from this place of profound curiosity, we hold ourselves and others in a space of real wonder and grace that gets to know a little more of the enigma of a much greater story of which each of us is a part.

What would open up for us if the self-centred questions of “who am I?” and “who are you?” gave way to the unifying question “who are we?”

In clarity, care calm and courage.

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