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The Distance to Grit.

When my brother and I were very young, we used to join Dad in his weekend runs to the “koppie” (a small hill) which was about 6 kilometers from the house.

The road there was a dust road which we used to run at least once every two weeks. Thinking back, the distance there and back was at least 12 kilometers - a massive distance to cover for our age at the time.

I remember how my breath used to find a rhythm, and once this was in place I could go just keep on going (almost as if in a trance).

Three other primary motivators added to my run: - In my mind, Dad wasn’t going to keep turning around

- I wasn’t going to be left behind

- I wanted to be like my dad... of course

The truth from this experience that has stuck with me:

Rhythm supports perseverance. Perseverance builds resilience. Going the distance reaps wonderful rewards.

My invitation to you:

What are you allowing to build rhythm in your life?

What are you choosing to persevere with, in order to increase your resilience? What are you that committed to going the distance with and why?

In clarity, care, calm and courage.

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