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Taking a Stand.

It was in the midst of doing what I had always done before that I was called to a place that would enable me to be of service and learn to love human beings again. I think that when we are hurt and disappointed, we become disillusioned with humanity and lose sight of what it means to be truly human.

This was when I made the decision to enroll in a life coaching course that changed the course of my life, so that I could begin facilitating change in the lives of others. It was my pivot-point from a life spent serving brands to serving people.

And now, as I feel into my future, God calls me to serve Him.

What this will end up being, I have no idea. You see, life is strange in that it doesn’t always make sense. Especially when we are called into the Greatness of the Lord. I’m sure that’s what a fish feels like in the moment it breaks the surface of it’s “oh so familiar world”… bedazzled!

To be bedazzled, we must open ourselves up to the unknown and let go of the security of this world to allow the magic of Spirit to be our Guide. We can allow the momentous new beginning to fill our Spirit with something more, something greater, something fresher than we have known before.

Maybe being the small fish in God’s ocean is far greater than being the big fish in a small world?

If we are Stars in the Spirit, may God let us shine in the darkest of nights.

In clarity, care, calm and courage.

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