The greatest leader and teacher of my working life was a lady who went by the nickname Jenny G. She was my first boss. I was a junior designer back then and little did I know who I would be working for. They called her the “dragon-lady” from the outside looking in.

However the experience from the inside was far from that. I remember Jenny as a fierce protector of her convocation (trusting in the calling of her eaglets), she would stand up to anyone who threatened or dared to dish out manipulative advise as to how it “should be done” or “what was or wasn’t possible.” Being under her wing was like flying with an eagle… when it came time for you to take a stand (knowing precisely what she was doing) she booted you out of your nest without hesitation. You either flew or you failed. Either way, you damn well learnt your lesson to be better, and stronger next time.

It was this attribute of love fueled by resilience that sparked my career into being.

Through Jenny’s utter belief in the capability of her team she built faith in our inner resources and abilities that shone from within.

We reveal who we are when we are faced with the uncomfortable.

In clarity, care, calm and courage.

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