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Why did Jesus call simple everyday men and woman to be his disciples?

What was it about these men and women that appealed to Jesus? We can reflect on the fact that these men and women were hardworking because life for them was hard. And because of this they spent very little time thinking about themselves or indulging much. Most of their every day was spent working to provide essentials.

They were not full of themselves, they did not think of themselves as superior to each other.

May I invite you to enter into God's Presence and within His Presence search yourself: In what ways have you been full of yourself? Where in your life are you too full?

Why has pride taken hold of you?

What will free you?

In reflecting on the above, we allow ourselves to empty and create space withing us for His Presence to work.

He needs space to do His Work.

Will you, today, choose to be that space?

In Love and Gratitude,


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