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Climbing Mountains.

One of the most exhilarating, challenging and fulfilling adventures I have been on was climbing Kilimanjaro with Dad.

It taught me that going slow and steady and appreciating each step was as good as reaching the summit. My guide’s name was Stuart, which is my middle name. I recall him patiently waiting with me on the summit as I was silently overcome with celebratory tears of deep joy for a time.

And then … when we were ready to make our descent … without a word, he was off, like an Olympic skier at high speed down the slopes of “skree” (loose stones and gravel). I watched him and thought, whaaaaat? Excited, I followed! It’s a thrilling experience skiing down Kili with ski poles and no ski’s. I still have my trusty boots that got me down that slope in one piece.

Stuart reminded me that great stewardship was sometimes more about witnessing the other with sensitivity and a caring spirit, whilst allowing them space to process and experience their own thing.

Throughout the journey and especially during our summit I trusted that he had my back 100%. And the playfulness that he added to the summit experience by bolting down that slope reminds me that great leadership is about teaching through embodying that which takes us on an adventure, whilst trusting that the other will follow and be able to keep up.

Challenging us to be playful and adventurous beyond what we deem possible is the medicine of Beginner’s Spirit.

In clarity, care, calm and courage.

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