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Accessing abundance as a state of being

Are you balancing the intense activity of our your life with moments of being?

Having left formal employment just over 5 years ago, there is more space to trust intense windows of activity and creativity followed by long spells of inactivity and surrender. The older I get, the more I enjoy my own company. Come to think of it, I’ve been that way since I was young. It’s like being in the world has always felt a bit foreign to me - strange and unnerving, never comfortable.

I’ve spent many hours of my time alone so that when I do step out - I am ready and energised. I trust my natural rhythm and the rhythm of my life to teach and support me at the right time. And so as I retreat I trust the ebbing of my soul as it prepares me for the flowing outward into the world. What the world shows me now is just the tip of the iceberg, as untold depths unfold beneath the known - preparing me for the unknown. It’s a timeless state being by yourself or with an intimate other. And at the opposite end of the spectrum, it can become a time bound state being with too many people for too long.

Trusting our personal flow takes courage.

Why? Because society and the system have taught us that we are not enough and that we must grab every minute of the day to do and be more, for fear of running out or being forgotten. The truth I believe is that we are out of time from the moment we begin grabbing. The human being cannot grab whilst being enough. The very act of grabbing renders us less than and perpetuates a state of consciousness rooted in poverty.

Abundance is a state of calm-mind and trusting-heart from which we allow time for our ideas and feelings to percolate through our being until our hands know what needs to be done. The challenge is: can we trust and allow the process to work through us? Or will we get sucked back into grabbing again?

Rushing into anything I believe renders a surface-level superficiality that lacks substance from the start due to the nature of intention which is steeped in grabbing.

Time-poverty consciousness is one of humanity’s greatest ills for it renders us unworthy from the start - unable to access deeper levels of contentment, appreciation and gratitude.

To overcome this addiction of grabbing, we must:

- Slow down to presence ourselves to experience deeper levels of connection to life.

- Everything you truly need is already right in front of you: every moment is enough if you allow yourself to be present to it.

- Where and when are you moving too fast? Where and when do you need to slow down and deepen your connection? When is it time for you to pause and presence yourself to now?

- What would it take for you to trust your own unique ebb and flow such that you sync authentically with the worlds’ rhythm and pace?

Deep breath.

Always with care, Adam

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