Entrepreneur Life Coaching

Typically a full coaching journey consists of between 8 to 12 sessions in total. Each session is 45mins to 1hr, and includes carefully crafted worksheets that contain tools and practices to be done in your own time between sessions. Our sessions can be conducted either in-person or online. Frequency of sessions are once a week. Payments must please be settled monthly upfront before sessions commence.

Please either choose from the courses below or let's chat to custom-craft one for you.
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Welcome to the TRULEADER® MasterClass Series.
 An in-depth, personally coached and mentored 12 session series that empowers you to integrate your Personal Professional Spiritual Life and Lead Authentically.

Are you an entrepreneur or business owner looking to be inspired and better your self, to better your quality of life and business? Leadership starts with you and how you lead your life, to prepare you to be truly inspired and lead others. So we must start with the personal before we address the collective.

+ Do you yearn for better choices and decisions regarding your self-leadership?

+ Are you crystal clear on how to bring all of who you are into your business?

Have you activated yourself with an epic personal routine to build your resilience?

What if there was a way to activate authenticity, increase resilience and positively impact your personal and professional life?


For the last 5 years I have been coaching individual leaders, business owners and small teams and have found 3 core struggles in the area of leadership:


1 Poor Habits in Self-Leadership and Blindspots regarding Others Meaningful Needs

2 Weak Translation of Values into Virtues Purpose and Crystal Clear Vision

3 Misleading Self and Others as a Controlling Boss instead of an Inspirational Coach

This course includes online personal guidance, coaching and mentoring from me, your Self-Leadership Coach, Adam Botha. As an individual, an entrepreneur or an aspiring leader who sometimes feels unhappy, unhealthy or unfulfilled – this is a journey that will enable new empowering happy, healthy, holy habits for you to be fulfilled on all three levels. 

TRULEADER® is an in-depth Self-Leadership MasterClass Series that will: 


+ Get you crystal clear on and committed to happy, healthy, holy habits 

+ Support you in showing up fully to maximise your strengths to lead self and others 

+ Increase your empathy, ideation and visionary abilities as an innovative entrepreneur

Each session is 1:1 online with me, your Self-Leadership Coach, Adam Botha - lasts a maximum of 45mins and includes carefully crafted worksheets that contain tools and practices to be done in your own time in-between sessions. Our sessions can be conducted either online or face to face. Frequency of sessions are at least one a week for 12 weeks (or higher if you wish to fastfwd your self-leadership). This MasterClass Series spans 12 sessions in total. Payments must please be settled monthly upfront before sessions commence.

To schedule your FREE TRULEADER® Discovery Call please email me directly at adam@iwalkawake.com

Through Self-Leadership Coaching one of my recent CEO clients experienced:
+ Doubling her personal energy and resilience through happy healthy holy habits.  
+ Laser-focussed compelling leadership values, purpose and vision which inspired her team.
+ Increasing her empathy ideation and agility resulting in an overall 30% increase in sales.

Want to better lead yourself to pivot between higher-purpose and professional profit? Let’s do this.

Yours in Love and Service,

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WELCOME TO LEAD CULTURE - Organisational Change

True leadership has the power to profoundly shift culture for good. And it starts with you.
What if you could bring your organisation to an authentic existence full of meaning, love and purpose? And leave no more room for the superficial and inauthentic to exist any longer? 

This course includes online or in-person guidance, coaching and mentoring from life coach Adam Botha. Lead Culture is an in-depth organisational leadership coaching course that serves as an ideal blueprint with tools and practices that will get you clear on your:

+ Culture Story

+ Organisational Context

+ Trust and Vulnerability

+ Leader Compass

+ Standing Up and Out
+ Principles and Purpose
+ Cultural Catalysts 

+ Compelling Organisational Culture


The depth of this journey requires each session to be 1hr, which includes worksheets and tools for transformation per session and can be done either online or in-person. Frequency of sessions are once a week for 8 weeks. This transformation journey consists of 8 sessions in total. 


Yours in Love and Service,



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